Thursday, December 4, 2014

Outfit of the Day: Taupe Dancer

I got this dress during one of Modcloth's surprise $10 dollar package sales. I was fairly pleased with this dress even though its not the most intricate its allowed me to dress it up and down many different ways. I actually look forward to buying some stuff when they have one of those sales again (they seem to happen two or three times a year) because its like choosing your size but having someone else pick a new style for you. Its a great way to try something you maybe wouldn't for a really good deal. For this  I was going for a taupe vintage look with my accessories. I don't have many times I wear these boots because admittedly Im pretty bad at walking in heels (yes even heels on boots). But I couldn't pass up how well they match the taupe layer peaking out from under the black.

Im so excited for the Holidays! I definitely don't condone putting up your tree or anything before Thanksgiving but I may or may not have put it up the weekend right after Thanksgiving. I also may or may not be 80% done with gift buying. What can I say I like to seize the Holidays. Are you one of those last minute shoppers or already done the day after Thanksgiving? 

Dress: Modcloth 
Shoes: Trip to Poland
Necklace: Forever 21
Headband: Forever 21
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Monday, December 1, 2014

10 Holiday Gift Ideas for Him

10 Holiday Gift Ideas for Him

1. For the Science Geek in Your LifeOuterspace Artisan Mens Soap from Soap For Your Soul Etsy $8.50
It smells like sweet and spicy, the perfect mix and looks like planets in outer space. Sure to make any guy in your life nerd out.
2. For the Music Lover in Your Life - The Bluetooth Gramophone from Gramovox $399.99
It brings together the old and new worlds of music. It gives you that vintage inspired horn speaker with the bluetooth capabilities of playing music from your iPhone
3. For the Outdoorsman in Your LifeCarhartt Mens Hat from Amazon $7.99
I know my guy loves these hats, they are simple come in a variety of colors and are bound to keep him warm. Perfect for someone who spends some extra time outdoors during this colder season.
4. For the Chef in Your LifeBamboo State Shaped Cutting or Serving Board from Bed Bath and Beyond $19.99
These cutting boards are great quality and also a great way to show state pride. I own one and it hangs on our kitchen wall. Its a great functional but fun gift
5. For the Scholar in Your LifeNASA Moon Globe from Amazon $149.99
A great take on the classic globe. A unique moon globe will look great on any bookshelf.
6. For the "Man on the Go" in Your LifeFieldCrest Series Wood Watch from Jord Watches $120
This is something I know I have to get for some guy in my life cause it is just such a cool design. Ive never seen a wood watch that are so intricate like these.
7. For the Perpetual Kid in Your LifeDinosaur Air Planter from Boy Girl Tees Etsy $23.50
I love this, its a great combination of grown up and also fulfilling the love of dinosaurs that every guy seems to carry on from childhood. I can see this as a great accent to spruce up an office desk! Whats even better is the plant needs little to no care to survive.
8. For the Techie in Your LifeSkull Candy Wireless Bluetooth Headphones from Best Buy $80
I love my headphones but I hate having to unravel the knot that the happens whenever Im not wearing them. I think these are a great idea especially someone who carries their headphones with them and listens to their iPhones on the go.
9. For the Fashion Forward Guy in Your LifeLunargrand Wingtip Shoes from Cole Haan $198 but on sale for Cyber Monday $118.0
These shoes can make any guy look classy. Not to mention it is made with Nike Lunarlon sole for ultimate comfort which I'm sure he will appreciate.
10. For the Handyman in Your LifeWoodworking Class 101 from Rebuilding Exchange Chicago $260
The picture not be what it seems, it was more of a picture of a final product I found. Now this one is more area specific but for example here in Chicago there is this great place where you can buy reclaimed lumbar and other things such as cabinets, lighting and more. Robert actually built our headboard using wood from here. They also teach classes! I think its a great way to get DIY and especially good for a guy who likes to try his own hand at projects. Im sure theres a place in your area who has similar classes! Just look around some craft centers or just try Google!

Friday, November 21, 2014

Friday Fashion Trend Landscape Prints

Friday Fashion Trend Landscape Prints

From Left to Right Top Row: Romwe Venice DressChic Wish Icy Forest Midi SkirtEshakti Landscape TopYumi Mountain Tunic, Bernie Dexter Poppy Field Skirt
From Left to Right Bottom Row: Yumi City Lights DressAsos Mountain Print DressSuperBowTies Etsy Moutain Bow TieModcloth Sights to Season DressChic Wish Riverside Print Midi Skirt

Ive been loving this style for a while now, between nature landscape prints to city landscape prints these frocks are amazing. Im a sucker for the detail. I also love that its so versatile, on tops, skirts, dresses and dressed up or dressed down. I actually got my hands-on one of the above dresses which Ill be featuring the outfit on the blog soon. So let me know would you wear this fashion trend?

Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Outfit of the Day: Grease Lightning

Description of Photo

That time has hit. I have to start taking photos indoors. Somehow it turned from fall to winter here in the matter of days. I can barely go outside without wincing in pain, like 20 degrees but feels like 5 degrees with wind pain. So winter hibernation begins. Im not gonna let this stop me from getting gussied up and documenting it. Also I guess you get a sneak peak into our apartment, which Ive been meaning to post about anyways. 

I love this dress so much. I was really excited when I saw it on the Oasap website for a steal. I was taking a bit of a chance on it, I had never ordered from the site before and it ships from another country. I was pleasantly surprised for the most part although I will say that it is a bit short for my liking. I probably can't wear it ever without tights for fear of showing what my momma gave me. I went for a totally 50's vibe with the saddle shoes and Kate Spade retro radio clutch. I couldn't help but be reminded of Grease with this get up. 

I'm gearing down towards the end of my semester. Im so close to being able to say I survived. This semester has been emotionally draining. There's a lot promotion of self awareness becuase they want you to feel emotionally stable to help others with their problems. Kind of like being a blank slate for counseling or therapy.  But it feels even more real because I just bought my tickets to go visit family in December right after my last finals. I was so happy that my manager is so nice and easy to talk to and totally understood me wanting to take some time off to go to Massachusetts. Unfortunately I have to be back for work for the 26th so I won't be spending actual Christmas out there but just seeing everyone will be nice. But let's not forget for now I have Thanksgiving break to look forward to! Do you have any fun Thanksgiving plans or traditions? 

Description of Photo
Dress: Oasap
Shoes: Thrifted
Purse: Kate Spade 

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